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Maryland Wellness Center


Maryland Wellness Center - a hub for therapy, counseling, fitness, movement techniques, groups, and courses, envisioned a website that embodied their values and showcased their diverse services. The owner, Sam, sought a conscious, user-friendly, and intuitive website that accurately mirrored the essence of their offerings. La Sattva, a team known for crafting meaningful digital experiences, was chosen to bring this vision to life.

-Sarthak Mongia (Gryfnn)


I had the pleasure of working with La Sattva to create my website, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From the very beginning, Nick and Jerithe took the time to get to know me and understand my vision. We held multiple meetings to ensure they captured the essence of what I wanted, and their dedication to teaching me along the way was exceptional. The end result is a stunning website that perfectly represents me and my company. La Sattva's professionalism, creativity, and commitment to their clients truly set them apart. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to build a beautiful website with a personal touch. Thank you, La Sattva, for turning my vision into a reality!

-Samuel Rosenblatt (Founder)



Sam, the owner of Maryland Wellness Center, recognized the critical need for a comprehensive website that would serve as a primary touchpoint for his customers. Understanding the significance of a strong digital presence, he aimed to create a platform where customers could effortlessly understand the various services offered and establish meaningful connections with the center. Sam aspired for a modern, intuitive, and customized approach that could effectively represent the ethos of Maryland Wellness Center. La Sattva understood this need and successfully transformed it into a reality, delivering a website that not only met Sam's vision but also facilitated a seamless interaction between the center and its clientele.

The Website

Step into the world of Maryland Wellness Center, where healing and empowerment converge. La Sattva's expertise in web design and development brought the center's vision to fruition, crafting an immersive website that mirrors the brand's core values and dedication to promoting well-rounded living. The desired result was a user-friendly, intuitive platform radiating a minimalistic and sophisticated aesthetic. La Sattva's skillful execution has effectively showcased the diverse offerings of Maryland Wellness Center, making the website an inviting space for individuals seeking a journey towards a better life.


Brand Design

The Maryland Wellness Center brand design was a comprehensive process, encompassing logo creation, brand elements, color theme, and brand guidelines. The logo, meticulously crafted, embodies a sense of tranquility, healing, and connection with nature. Meditation silhouettes symbolize the center's emphasis on mindfulness and inner equilibrium, with green as the primary color representing healing and rejuvenation. The earthy color palette mirrors nature and grounding, while an athletic figure in the logo portrays embracing wellness and inviting positive change. This design harmoniously captures the center's essence, offering solace and a path towards holistic well-being.

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 6.27.23 PM.png

Key Features


The website's aesthetic

aligned with Maryland Wellness Center vision, exuding an air of minimalism and sophistication that resonated with their target audience.



​La Sattva effectively showcased a visually appealing layout with a soothing color palette and engaging imagery that reflects the Maryland Wellness Center's commitment to holistic well-being.



The website successfully conveyed MWC's origins and brand values, highlighting the inspiration behind the brand values and services  to enhance people lives with therapy, fitness and movement and group courses.



La Sattva's user-centric design ensured seamless navigation allowing visitors to effortlessly explore the diverse services and offerings of Maryland Wellness Center.

Untitled design (44).png

The Result

The collaboration between Maryland Wellness Center and La Sattva led to a website that exceeded all expectations. It served as a robust online touchpoint, allowing customers to seamlessly explore the center's diverse services. The modern and intuitive design provided a delightful user experience, guiding visitors effortlessly to the information they sought. This customized approach accurately encapsulated the essence of Maryland Wellness Center, reflected in a visually appealing website with a soothing color palette. The platform effectively communicated the center's commitment to holistic well-being, leaving a powerful and positive impression on visitors. Through La Sattva's expertise, the website became a compelling tool, amplifying the center's online presence and advancing its mission to enhance lives through therapy, fitness, and counseling services.



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